Setting the Captives Free

In December, I performed as St. Paul for a group of inmates at a local maximum security prison (see previous post, “St. Paul Visits Prison”). For my wife and me, this experience continues to reverberate in our hearts.  Maeve will share some thoughts after my remarks.  As for me, I continue to reflect on theContinue reading “Setting the Captives Free”

The Light that Overcomes

Originally written by Maeve Smith I substitute teach in public schools and have for the past twelve years.  Yesterday, we had a lockdown.  This is a drill that schools practice in the event that a violent intruder enters the building. Students are ushered into safer places and doors are locked.  I looked at the studentsContinue reading “The Light that Overcomes”

Merry Christmas Forever!

Merry Christmas! In January, this rings hollow, doesn’t it?  It shouldn’t, though.  The Church tells us that the Christmas season continues until the feast of the Baptism of the Lord, January 11.  However, the rest of society (and the tree that our neighbor unceremoniously dumped outside on the 26th}, tells us that it is over.Continue reading “Merry Christmas Forever!”