Advent: Giving Birth to A New You

Originally posted by Maeve Smith Glenn and I have recently become hooked on the PBS series, “Call the Midwife.”  The series features midwives working in a poor but tight-knit London community in the 1960’s.  Every episode dramatizes at least one birth. In this season of Advent, Jesus wants to help give birth to a new ME andContinue reading “Advent: Giving Birth to A New You”

Romans 8 – The Heart of God

If you’re Roman Catholic and went to Mass today – October 30 –  you heard this incredible statement;“All things work together for good for those who are called by God according to his purposes.”   – Romans  8:28 Acting the part of St. Paul, I have proclaimed this verse in my performance, “A Visit With St. Paul,” for over tenContinue reading “Romans 8 – The Heart of God”

Marching Joyfully For Jesus

You can rub your eyes if you want. The image will remain.  One car rests upside-down on another and the message is clear.  Our lives can be upside-down, but Jesus fixes them! “Those who are healthy do not need a physician, but the sick do.” -Luke 5:31               ( and us “upside-down folks” need Him)Continue reading “Marching Joyfully For Jesus”

A Beautiful Woman – Part One

Originally posted by Maeve Smith My (Maeve’s) mom died suddenly this past January.  I’d like to tell you about her.  She had beautiful, long, red hair, fair skin and freckles.  She was one hundred percent Irish and her name was Teresa.  My dad always said he loved the sound of her voice on the telephone. Continue reading “A Beautiful Woman – Part One”

“Unplanned” – A Must-see Movie

Must-see? It depends on your worldview.  If you think that an unborn child is a human being whose life should be protected by law, then this film deserves your support.  If you’re not sure about a woman’s “right to choose,” then this movie could help you decide.  Either way, go see it, please! If you’reContinue reading ““Unplanned” – A Must-see Movie”

Mentionable and Manageable

Why are we so divided? Why can’t we disagree without calling each other names? Why does anger reach such an intensity that deadly violence erupts? Could it be that we’ve never really understood our own feelings, and are blind to others’ feelings as well? The late Fred Rogers addressed a Senate committee hearing in 1969,Continue reading “Mentionable and Manageable”

God’s Healing Love Surrounds Us

“After telling my story to my family and my friends, my true healing has begun.  The anger is giving way to sorrow and now sorrow is giving way to peace in my soul. “The truth has set me free.” These words, delivered as part of a homily this past summer, were spoken by a CaliforniaContinue reading “God’s Healing Love Surrounds Us”

Discernment or “What is Truth?”

The procurator stared at the man before him, the itinerant preacher whom he just had scourged.  Blood was streaming down his face. “What is truth?” he asked. Silence met his query.  The truth was standing right in front of him, but Pilate didn’t have the eyes to see it. This is how the Evangelist, John,Continue reading “Discernment or “What is Truth?””

To Confront or Not to Confront

Originally written by Maeve Smith Next time you watch a movie, pay attention to the first image you see.  This is called the “central image” and should give you a key to understanding the main character and their journey.  A “central question” about this character is also posited,  i.e. “Will Dorothy find happiness in herContinue reading “To Confront or Not to Confront”